Be Free (1)

John 8:36  Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. 

Text: Mark 5:1-20 - The account of the demon possessed man of Gadara

Demons are real 

  • Satan rebelled against God, and was cast out. Satan took one third of the angelic host with him.
  • The destruction of Satan: Isaiah 14:12; Luke 10:18; Revelation 9:1; Revelation 12:3-9
  • Christ's real encounters: Matthew 8:16; 9:32-33; 17:18; Mark 3:14-15; 6:12-13; 16:17-18

Demons affect people

  • I do not believe that Christians can be demon possessed.
  • John 10:1-10 - the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. 
  • Matthew 12:22; Luke 13:11 demons affect one area of these lives.
  • When we allow access, satan can gain mastery over, or control over, gain power over. 


 Jesus brings freedom

  • We believe that God has power over satan
  • Luke 10:17-21
  • Mark 5:6 But when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshiped him  this shows us satan is not strong enough to hold anyone back from Jesus.
  • The only one that Jesus cannot set free, are those who will not humble themselves.