Missionaries to Asia

MTA has been active in evangelism and training future ministers in the Philippines since 1982 and God has greatly blessed this ministry. Glory to God!  Here in the Philippines we travel to many unreached islands, as well as mountainous inland regions and hold evangelistic crusade outreaches. Through evangelistic crusades literally thousands are reached every year. Crusade follow-up is a very important part of our ministry. Newly trained ministers are chosen to stay in those areas and lead Bible study groups after the crusades have moved on, which over time those Bible study groups come together as a church congregation in a newly built church in that town or village.

Missionaries to Asia also has three Bible Institutes which are strategically located in three of the main sub-cultures of the Philippines. Our Bible Institute students receive educational training and practical ministry experience by seasoned ministers and teachers. I like to say that our Bible Institutes consist of 50% academic, 50% Practical and 100% Holy Spirit!

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