Firehouse Purpose

It is our sincere desire to connect teenagers with the body of Christ. Our weekly youth services are filled with variety, but ultimately it is about hearing the Word of God and allowing Him to work in our lives. Once a teenager experiences Jesus Christ for themself, we want to see them established in their walk with the Lord and become an active part of His Church.

Firehouse exists to: 
Equip youth for Rescuing the endangered! We will Respond to the call and Lay our lives on the line to Reach out to others!!! "Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment" Jude 1:23 (NLT)

Is there more to Firehouse than just "church?"

YES! The Wednesday night youth services include many variations each week. We try to mix it up so that every week is different! Sometimes we have teaching, but there are also skits, video clips and movies, small groups, student testimonies, games, and prizes. The goal of each service is to create an atmosphere where teenagers can come and hang out with their friends, have some fun, and encounter GOD.

Aside from Wednesday night, there are also group outings. Some of these have included Cardinal baseball games, bowling, walley-ball, mini golf, go-carts, eating out, skiing, and lots more! A couple of BIG events we do each year are the annual road trip to Kansas City Youth Conference and our summer youth retreat.

One of our goals as a youth ministry is to build relationships; teens with other teens, teens with adults, and teens with Jesus Christ. It is our firm belief that true ministry can only flow through relationships! All of our events and activities are built on this goal. Join our group on Facebook!

What about Parents?

It is never our desire to come between teens and their parents. Teenagers NEED their parents more than ever before! Firehouse has an open door policy for parents. Parents are welcome to sit in on youth service, attend events, and help chaperone outings.